Men's Fitness Center Staff

Craig Burrell 
Athletic Director and Personal Trainer
Craig received his Bachelor of Science at Stephen F. Austin State University.  He started his fitness career as a personal trainer with City Club's inception in 1984.  In 1989, he left to become a fitness  director and implement a fitness/wellness program at Colonial Country Club.  In 1990, he returned to City Club as the Athletic Director.   While at City Club, Craig has strived to provide our membership with the highest quality staff that can effectively promote our Fit for Life credo.  Craig works to promote this lifestyle not only in the present, but to encourage our membership to think long-term in what they can achieve throughout their lifetime. 

Roland Mash
Assistant Athletic Director and Personal Trainer

Roland is a fitness assessment coordinator and personal trainer at the City Club.  He is an alumni from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.  He has been with City Club since 1997 and has been in the fitness  industry since 1989.  Roland teaches functional intensity training classes and Kettlebell classes at the Club. 



Matt Burrell 
Interval Trainer/Spin Instructor
Matt attended TCU playing baseball before injuries ended that dream.  He has run 6 full marathons and participated in multiple endurance cycling races.  He specilizes in high intensity interval training and teaching spin classes at City Club.  Matt is married, has a new baby boy and enjoys cooking, camping, fishing and he loves dogs.  He joined City Club in 2019.

Gio Gomez
Floor Attendant

Gio comes to us from Amazon where he worked for several years.  He loves working at City Club and his favorite part of the job is the people.  He appreciates all the kindness that the members have extended to him.  He joined City Club in 2022.



Esteban Gomez
Locker Room Attendant
Esteban has been a Locker Room Attendant at City Club since 1994.  His family moved to the Metroplex from California and he bean his career working with Fort Worth Maintenance Inc.  Known as "Este" to the members, he enjoyhs baseball and soccer.  He is also very busy with family activities with his wife and five children.

Idrissa Ka

Locker Room Attendant

Ka was born in Senegal and moved from there in 1984 to Fort Worth.  He has worked in Food & Beverage services throughout the Fort Worth area including at City Club since 2017.  Ka worked in our Banquet Department and the Grill prior to being recruited to the Men's Fitness Department.  Ka is interested in aviation and has logged 8 hours of flying in a single engine Cesna 172.  He enjoys exercising, reading and relaxing in his spare time.