General Catering Information

Food and Beverage

Gourmet and custom menus are available upon request.  Guests may not bring food or beverage (alcoholic or otherwise) into the club from outside sources, wedding cakes are the exception.  Excess food and beverage may not be taken from the club.  Pricing is based on a maximum of two hours of food display.  All prices are subject to change without notice and will be confirmed four months prior to the event.  State Sales Tax will apply to room rentals, resources, food, alcohol  and non-alcoholic products. A 23% service charge will be added to all food and beverage purchases.  We require 1 bartender per 50 to 75 guests at the rate of $150 plus service charge and sales tax per (covers a four-hour party).  For additional Bartender coverage, please contact your Catering Manager.
City Club will provide complimentary tastings for 2 people for weddings and large events over 50 guests.  Smaller weddings and events will require a tasting fee. Please inquire you’re your Catering Manager.  Additional guests will be charged at $50 per person, plus service charge and sales tax, with a limit of 4 additional people.  Wines may be tasted and will be charged based on consumption. Initial Deposits and returned contracts are required for those events requesting a tasting.  See contract for more about scheduling a tasting.

Meals will only be prepared for the number of guests the host guarantees. If actual attendance exceeds the guarantee, the actual attendance will be charged.  The club will require a final guarantee by noon four business days (96 hours) prior to the event.  This will be the minimum guarantee, not subject to reduction.  If a guarantee is not received, the estimated number of guests will be used unless more are in attendance.
Banquet and Meeting Rooms
All functions are required to have a set beginning and ending time.  Functions that exceed the designated ending time will be assessed additional fees.  Events in the Ballroom, Terrace and Oak Room that exceed their scheduled time will be billed $500 for each hour beyond the designated ending time.  Banquet room rental charges are subject to sales tax.  There is a $100 per room minimum charge for each request to change the set-up of a room, once the room has been set as originally agreed.  To efficiently manage the events scheduled, the rooms may be set up to 48 hours prior to any event.  This includes linens, chairs, place settings and wine glasses.  Audio-visual needs may be arranged through the catering department. City Club is not open on Sundays.
Cancellation Policy
All weddings and most social and nonprofit events will require a deposit to reserve the room and the date requested.  All deposits are non-refundable and are applied to any balance still owed  after the event is over.   In the event of cancellation four months prior to the event date or less ( or based on your contract)  a cancellation fee of 50% of estimated charges will be required.  If a menu has NOT been set then City Club will base the cancellation fee on the food and beverage minimum set for your event.  Cancellation within one month of your event will result in a 100% payment of estimated charges due.  Cancellations must be submitted in writing.  Please contact your Catering Manager for more information.

Casualty and Force Majeure 
If the contracted space or any portion of the Club is physically damaged by fire or other casualty so as to prevent the use of the contracted space for your event, or if your contracted space is reasonably prevented by any other cause beyond the control of the City Club including pandemics and severe hazardous weather conditions, protesting and/or rioting, you will have up to one year from the originally  scheduled event date to reschedule your event to a mutually agreed upon date between the parties.  All monies paid towards the event will be moved forward to the new date. The parties waive any claim against one another for damages by reason of the rescheduling.  If, at the end of one year from the original date of our event, the contracted space is still not physically available, except for not being able to determine a mutually agreed upon date, this agreement shall terminate for all reasons.  Accordingly, City Club shall refund to you any payment paid by you to City Club with the exception of the nonrefundable deposit.  If a mutually agreed upon date cannot be determined, then no monies shall be refunded and the parties waive any claim against one another for damages by reason thereof.  If, on the original date of the event, City Club is open for business and legally able to perform on the agreement, regardless of hazardous weather conditions or power disruptions, this agreement will  remain in effect and will be enforceable. 

All decorations are at the expense of the host.  Deliveries to the club must be coordinated through the Catering department.  No nails, heavy tape, staples or tacks may be used on walls, ceilings or furniture.  No deliveries can be made through the guest parking garage or at front of the Club. Deliveries must be coordinated with your Catering Manager and City Center Security through the loading dock.  Confetti  and sparklers are not permitted anywhere inside or outside the Club.   Fresh white or ivory rose petals, bubbles, ribbon wands and noise makers are all acceptable in downtown Fort Worth and with City Center Security.  Nothing can be thrown inside the building.   Event signs are prohibited in public areas of the club, including the business towers, elevators and parking garages. Please check with the Catering Manager for more information on what is and what is not allowed at City Club and in downtown Fort Worth.
If City Club rents or orders something on your behalf, you are responsible for full payment and all deposits necessary to obtain those rentals ordered.  If such items are damaged or lost and cannot be replaced by the standards of the rental company, you will be responsible for any replacement or damage fees.  All decor and miscellaneous items provided by vendors or the host must be removed at the conclusion of your event.  You will need to have a coordinator or other point person be responsible for getting any decor back through the loading dock or gifts and cards to a vehicle.    We suggest bringing bags and boxes to assist with the removal decor items.  Items left will not be the responsibility of City Club and will result in a storage fee of $50.00 per day.  City Club allows for the tear down of each event not to exceed one hour.  Please note that there will be an overtime fee applied to the final invoice for anyone that stays past one hour.  For coordination referrals, please contact your Catering Manager.   
Vendor Information
All Vendors must carry  a liability insurance policy of one million dollars with City Club and City Center Development Co. L.P. as additional insured entities.  All Vendors must have Catering Department Clearance to access the building.  City Club Staff must be present while vendors are on property. Any damage incurred will be the responsibility of the person in charge of the event, and charges will be applied.  See Indemnification Agreement Enclosed for more details.  See contract for more information about vendor policies.  You can also click here for more details on vendor policies.
Payment and Billing Arrangements
City Club accepts personal checks, cash, money orders, or cashiers checks for  estimated charges, or final payment.  City Club also accepts credit cards for payments with a 3.5% convenience fee.    A credit card on file is required for all events to secure your space and may be charged if the account is not paid in full after 30 days of statement date.  
50% of all estimated charges will be due four months prior to the function or on a date set by the Catering Manager or the date listed on your contract. If a menu has NOT been set then the charges will be based on the food and beverage minimum fee contracted for your event. Estimated Charges include room rental, food, bar estimate, attendant and/or bartender/cashier fees, vendor payments and deposits, service charge, applicable taxes and all rental items.  Estimated charges will be calculated based on estimated guest count listed on contract unless a signed BEO (Banquet Event Order) is on file with the Catering Department.  The remaining 50% of all estimated charges are due one month prior to the function date or on a date set by the Catering Manager.  City Club will update the event order with final numbers once the guarantee is turned in and at that time, any outstanding estimates must be paid before your event.  See contract for more information on payment policies.
The City Club shall not assume responsibility for damage to or loss of any merchandise or Club Manager reserves the right to require security for any event.  Arrangements may be made prior to the event through the catering department. Security is included for all events.  Proms and other Fraternal events may require additional on-site security that will be arranged through the Catering Department.
City Club is a non-smoking facility, guests may go to Street level to smoke.
Dress Code

Guests of City Club are expected to dress appropriately for the occasion.  Shorts, t-shirts, torn jeans, flip-flops and sneakers are unacceptable.
Parking is complimentary in City Center Garage-Two lafter 6 pm and all day on Saturdays.   City Club can assist groups if they would like to arrange valet parking for their guests.
For a Printable Map to City Center Garage-Two Click Here